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 Coaching to help you find and love yourself 
Are you ready to embrace your true self, celebrate your unique journey, and live fully as yourself? Imagine a life where you wake up each day with a sense of purpose, confidence, and a clear path. This is not just a dream; it's a reality within your reach. 

I'm not just a coach, but a fellow traveler on the road to authenticity. As a trans woman myself, I intimately understand the unique challenges and joys that come with discovering and embracing your truth. With a background in both health coaching and therapy, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to my practice, ensuring a safe and nurturing space for your exploration of mind, body, and spirit. 

While I specialize in working with trans folks in transition, I welcome people of all genders and sexual orientations seeking greater clarity.

As you feel the longing towards more alignment with your self, inevitably we all encounter parts of ourselves that keep us stuck in previous patterns. Perhaps there's a part of you that acts like an old version of you that sometimes gets in the way of who you are becoming now. Perhaps there are parts of you that have internalized messaging from culture, family, or trauma about how you're "supposed" to be. My style of coaching helps you build healthy relationships with these parts of yourself, so they can let go of outdated patterns, release shame and uncertainty, and trust you to lead the way. That way you can feel congruent, clear, and lovingly compassionate towards your whole self. 

Whether you're exploring identity, sexuality, emotional intelligence, or simply trying to get out of the uncomfortable boxes you were told you were supposed to fit in when you were younger, I can help you sort through and shed the layers keeping you from moving forward. 

Additionally, because of my background as a health coach, I'm able to weave in a whole systems approach that includes nutrition, precision genetic testing, and lifestyle practices as it makes sense. I work with some of my coaching clients just on the psychoemotional and spiritual side of their growth, and others incorporate practices that support their physiology as well. You can learn more about these services on my genetic testing page.

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Are you ready to feel and perform better today while investing in your future self? Would you like more clarity and presence to flow into your relationships, productivity, and greater purpose? I blend data-driven testing, holistic coaching, and a complex-systems perspective to create custom protocols that take your whole being into account. I'm skilled at navigating personal growth and transformation, and can help pair you with the right techniques for the development of your physiology, mind, and spirit. Can you imagine feeling 100%? If so, I can help you get there.
Legal Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and do not treat, diagnose or cure any disease, illness, or condition. I work from a whole-systems perspective to optimize physiological function in order to promote wellness. Nothing on this site should be misconstrued as medical advice or therapy of any kind. All information on this website is for educational and/or entertainment purposes only. Talk to your doctor before making any changes to your diet, habits, or routine that may impact your health. 
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